From a certain moment, I came to realize that as research on the flatness of painting continued, the desire to transcend the limits of flatness grew along with it. Since then, I have been documenting the process of condensing or deconstructing the data collected during the collision between materials with different properties in a Korean style of fine art.

In fact, we all die many times. We just don't notice that death can happen at various moments in life. Changes in my emotions, where I live, my job, and my daily habits are also a kind of death. But I believe that we are constantly reborn through movements and trivial actions. The traces of chance that my brush creates as it lingers on the screen for a long time and then flows to another trajectory contain the temporary nature of a human being and the anxiety of a worldly existence. That is why my brushstrokes continue for the realization that I can constantly learn and be reborn. From a moment of anxiety to a moment of serenity, from awareness to unconsciousness. Therefore, my brushstrokes for the realization that is why I can constantly learn and be reborn will continue. From a moment of anxiety to a moment of serenity, from awareness to unconsciousness.

Kim Jihun

Based in Seoul, South Korea

M.F.A Sejong Univ. Dept. Fine Arts

Major Solo Exhibitions
2021 True-Blue (Gallery Spectrum, Seoul)
2020 Beautiful Disaster (Starfield, Hanam,KR)
2020 The painting remained material (Gallery Roun,Seoul)
2019 ONE'S LIFETIME (Can.verse 10G45,Seoul)
2018 SURVIVAL: ISM ( Gallery ARTWA,Seoul)
2015 The Rest (Gallery in Sejong univ,Seoul)
2014 Instintual Drive (Gallery 2tti,Seoul)
2014 The Decolorized (Lespace 71,Seoul)
2014 Potential (Gallery Jireh, Paju,KR)

Group Exhibitions
2021 Alone, and together (Gallery Insa Art, Seoul,KR)
2020 Spectrum X-Mas (Gallery Spectrum, Seoul,KR)
2020 The 3rd New thinking art 2020 (Gallery namu,Seoul)
2020 Win-win leap (Gallery Roun, Seoul,KR)
2020 Artists Chungmuro (Gallery Chungmuro,Seoul)
2019 Gallery sain (Gallery sain,Seoul)
2019 Artspace H (Artspace H,Seoul,KR)
2019 Above All (Galley A, Seoul)
2018 HAUNTING BEAUTY (Artistrial, Seoul)
2018 Fear : X (Indie Art Hall GONG, Seoul)
2018 Zebra Art Fair (Place NOON, Suwon, KR)
2014 JW Young Art Award (Artspace H)
2014 The National College of Art Competition (Daehakro Hongik Art Center Gallery, Seoul)
2014 The 5rd Artists of Gyeomjae Jung Sun (memorial hall of Gyeomjae Jung Sun, Seoul)
2013 SPACE 404 Exhibition of M.F.A Sejong Univ. Dept.Fine Arts (Gallery in Sejong univ, Seoul)
2013 The 4rd Young Artists Competition Gallery Jireh (Gallery Jireh, Paju)
2012 The 4rd Insa Art Festival (Ara Art Center, Seoul)
2012 HOTIST Curator's choice (Gana Art center, Seoul)
2012 ASYAAF (Seoul Station, Seoul)
2012 Young Artists Competition (Gallery a-cube, Seoul)

2014 Prize Artists of tomorrow Gyeomjae Jungsun and many others