𝗞𝗜𝗠 𝗝𝗶𝗵𝘂𝗻 (b. 1990) carries out the theme of survival, which is the fate of all life, through the form of sublime nature and the pigments manufactured by herself. Starting with the potential of his first solo exhibition in 2013, he has a pictorial methodology that constantly lists and breaks down the fragments created by the unfathomable coordination of light and shadow. has been packed with in particular, this TRUB-BLUE (2021~) series is a series that deepens his attitude to become more resolute from the fate of survival by facing the moments he wanted to ignore in his life.

Birth              1990 

Location      Seoul

Education   M.F.A Sejong Univ. Dept. Fine Arts

Major Solo Exhibitions

2021  True-Blue (Gallery Spectrum, Seoul)

2020   Beautiful Disaster (Starfield, Hanam,KR)

2020   The painting remained material (Gallery Roun,Seoul)

2019   ONE'S LIFETIME (Can.verse 10G45,Seoul)

2018   SURVIVAL: ISM ( Gallery ARTWA,Seoul)

2015   The Rest (Gallery in Sejong univ,Seoul)

2014   Instintual Drive (Gallery 2tti,Seoul)

2014   The Decolorized (Lespace 71,Seoul)

2014   Potential (Gallery Jireh, Paju,KR)

Group Exhibitions

2021   Alone, and together (Gallery Insa Art, Seoul,KR)

2020   Spectrum X-Mas (Gallery Spectrum, Seoul,KR)

2020   The 3rd New thinking  art 2020 (Gallery namu,Seoul)

2020   Win-win leap (Gallery Roun, Seoul,KR)

2020   Artists  Chungmuro (Gallery Chungmuro,Seoul)

2019   Gallery sain naver art (Gallery sain,Seoul)

2019   Artspace H (Artspace H,Seoul,KR) 

2019   Above All (Galley A, Seoul)

2018   HAUNTING BEAUTY (Artistrial, Seoul) 

2018   Fear : X (Indie Art Hall GONG, Seoul)

2018   Zebra Art Fair (Place NOON, Suwon, KR)

2014   JW Young Art Award (Artspace H)

2014   The National College of Art Competition (Daehakro Hongik Art Center Gallery, Seoul)

2014   The 5rd Artists of tomorrow Gyeomjae Jung Sun (memorial hall of Gyeomjae Jung Sun, Seoul)

2013   SPACE 404 Exhibition of M.F.A Sejong Univ. Dept.Fine Arts (Gallery in Sejong univ, Seoul)

2013   The 4rd Young Artists Competition Gallery Jireh (Gallery Jireh, Paju)

2012   The 4rd Insa Art Festival (Ara Art Center, Seoul)

2012   HOTIST Curator's choice (Gana Art center, Seoul)

2012   ASYAAF (Seoul Station, Seoul)

2012   Young Artists Competition (Gallery a-cube, Seoul)


2014   Prize Artists of tomorrow Gyeomjae Jungsun and many others


Personal Art Collector (KR,Singapore,Germany,UK and many others